Exercise of Practical life

Exercise of Practical life it offered to the child as developmental activities by performing these he becomes independent and can take care of himself, his will power, intelligence and Voluntary movements work in one direction.

Sensorial: Nothing can be in the intellect than first being in the senses. Around 2 to 2.5 years the child uses his senses more than intelligence. Montessori meterials help the child to use all his senses and become conscious of the physical properties of matter in isolation.

Language: Language is a human need. Expressions become one of the prime needs of the man. It is his wonderful creation. Language is full of sounds. In Montessori Method the child is helped to become conscious of all the sounds in a word in succession.

Arithmetic’s: Around 3 years awakening of mathematical mind happens. He likes to know the precise and accurate value, by working with these materials he becomes conscious of all the four mathematical operations.